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Thursday Jan 06, 2022

Recent high school grad Anna Young won the 2021 National Right to Life Oratory Contest with her speech "Empowered for Life."  For her topic, Young chose the theme “female empowerment.” In her speech, she told about seeing a Planned Parenthood Instagram post that said, “There is nothing more empowering than a woman walking into a Planned Parenthood.” Young challenged this assertion, saying, “I refuse to believe that women’s empowerment … could come from killing another human being. … Women’s empowerment is  a woman realizing she shouldn’t have to choose between her baby and her dreams … a woman realizing her body and the baby inside of her is not the enemy … a woman standing up to the culture and saying ‘I can’ when everyone around her is telling her that she is too weak. … “Empowered women empower women to choose life. No matter how heartbreaking your situation is,  abortion will not solve your problems because living human beings inside of you are not problems; they are blessings. There is empowerment waiting for you, but it is not inside of a Planned Parenthood.”

Tuesday Nov 23, 2021

Steve Koob, host of The Quest for a Culture of Life in America, interviews Life Legal CEO Alexandra Snyder to discuss: Brain death as a legal “fiction”  California’s new assisted suicide law (SB 380), eliminates conscience protections for physicians who don’t want to participate in assisted suicide Lawsuits against Biden’s/OSHA’s vaccine mandate New Ohio abortion bill introduced last week (HB 480) Sanctuary cities that prohibit abortion California positioning itself as abortion tourism destination

Tuesday Nov 09, 2021

Steve Koob, host of The Quest for a Culture of Life in America, interviews Life Legal CEO Alexandra Snyder to discuss pending pro-life litigation and legislation.

Friday Oct 01, 2021

Russ Rooney interviews Dr. David Deavel, co-editor of Sozhenitsyn and American Culture: The Russian Soul in the West. Dr. Deavel is an Assistant Professor at the University of St. Thomas and a Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative, editor of Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture. He holds a PhD in theology from Fordham and is a winner of the Acton Institute’s Novak Award. Besides his academic publications, Dr. Deavel's writing has appeared in many journals, including Catholic World Report, First Things, National Review, and the Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

Created Equal President Mark Harrington speaks with Life Legal Defense Attorney Katie Short about the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that will be heard by the US Supreme Court on Dec. 1, 2021. Katie will look into her crystal ball and make observations about the upcoming case. Many legal scholars believe this could be the case that overturns Roe v. Wade. Created Equal will be partnering with the Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society to represent the victims outside the SCOTUS on Dec. 1.

Monday May 03, 2021

Life Legal CEO Alexandra Snyder discusses access to health care and patient advocacy during COVID.

Monday Apr 26, 2021

Russ and Alexandra discuss Life Legal cases and the protection of vulnerable life from conception through natural death. 

Monday Apr 19, 2021

Russ and Shawn talk about pro-life advocates saving lives outside of abortion clinics and the beginning of the end of abortion. If you are a pro-lifer who is being harassed or threatened because of your pro-life witness, Life Legal can help. Click here or call 707.224.6675.     

Monday Apr 12, 2021

Bishop Hebda earned a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, followed by a juris doctor degree from the Columbia University School of Law. He was admitted to the Bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1983 and worked as an associate in the law firm of Reed, Smith, Shaw and McClay.

Monday Apr 05, 2021

Melissa is the survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion. Despite the initial concerns regarding Melissa’s future after surviving the attempt to end her life at approximately seven months gestation, she has not only survived but thrived. Melissa is a Master’s level prepared Social Worker and the author of You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir. Her second book, which will focus on other abortion survivors breaking their silence, will be published in 2021. She is the Founder and Director of The Abortion Survivors Network, the only healing and advocacy organization for abortion survivors. Melissa and her team have connected with 356 survivors as of 2020.


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